The industry is accustomed to U value calculations showing heat through a thermal element but how aware is the industry on the importance of heat loss where two thermal elements meet, the Psi value

Psi Value Calculations
Heat Loss calculations through junctions
New Build, Conversions and Extensions

In the latest revision of the SAP assessment expected later this year it is highly likely that the use of accredited construction details and default psi values will be phased out. This means that specific calculated psi values will need to be incorporated in your calculation.


When it comes to psi values there are two choices, match your construction to pre calculated values often provided by industry bodies & manufactures or undertake bespoke calculations. E & S Bristol can help with both scenarios.

  • As part of our standard service on SAP and SBEM calculations we will review your construction details and compare them to our database of pre calculated values and make recommendations so that your proposal can utilise these free to access psi values

  • If your construction is of a non traditional type we can examine your building and produce a proposal of the junctions that we would recommend calculating psi values for   

  • Using our industry and product knowledge we are in a strong position to provide you with help on improving the real world performance of your building helping to prevent unnecessary heat loss and improve comfort for the end user

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