Thermal Modelling
Maximising building comfort now and into the future
Compliance with CIBSE TM52 and CIBSE TM59

Ensuring your building is healthy in operation is key to good design.
We'll help you prevent overheating to satisfy industry standards and meet planning, BREEAM or employer requirements.

Why Thermal Modelling

Understanding and defining the internal environment of a design is extremely important given the impact that the level of user comfort can have on productivity and satisfaction. With greater emphasis being put on insulation levels and fabric tightness there is a risk of uncomfortable heat build up in summer months. Carrying out a thermal modelling can help identify and reduce this risk.

The need for a Thermal Model on your building may be driven by a number of compliance factors;  meeting Part L2A through dynamic simulation model, a client/employer requirement, as part planning of planning policy or maybe a BREEAM HEA04 credit requirement.

If you build in London, at planning stage its likely an overheating assessment will eb required. If its a dwelling, CIBSE TM59 will apply and for all other building types CIBSE TM52 will need to be complied with.

It could be you need a thermal model to help with the building design. Passive design desires, facade studies for day lighting and solar gains, fresh air ventilation targets, heating or cooling loads are all useful reasons for a thermal model.

What ever the driver behind your needs, E & S Bristol can help. Being fully versed in compliance with all the relevant CIBSE Standards we can tailor your assessment to ensure you meet the requirements of your end goal.

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